About Me

Colombian data analyst and future data engineer

I'm a Data Analyst and Report Developer with a robust experience with Python and relational databases
I've also worked with AWS and using IaC tools like CDK.

Things I Like to do

I love to learn. This web page is a proof of that. But here is a couple of things you might like to know to get me to know me better:

  • Code
  • Read books and stuff
  • Learn languages
  • Exercise and Dance
  • Teach
  • Spend time with family and friends

A Few Accomplishments

I'd like to share with you a couple of certifications that I've earned across my learning path

AWS Solutions Architect Associate Badge

AWS Solutions Architect Associate

Skills: AWS, Cloud, AWS Services, etc.

AWS Cloud Practitioner Badge

AWS Cloud Practitioner

Skills: AWS, Cloud, AWS Services, etc.

Data Engineer Associate Badge

Data Enginner Associate

Skills: Data Management, Programming for Data Engineering, and Exploratory Analysis

SQL Associate Badge

SQL Associate

Skills: SQL, PostgreSQL, Data Analysis, Data management, exploratory data analysis

Latest Medium articles

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latest medium article

An ELT pipeline with Airflow and GCP

As a final project for a Data Engineer course, I have created an ELT pipeline moving data from a PostgreSQL database (running on Digital Ocean), implementing a Delta Lake with GCP services such as Cloud Storage, BigQuery, Dataproc and Data Studio. And to manage all the workflow and schedule the pipeline, we get Airflow running hosted on a Digital Ocean's Droplet (virtual machine) and with Docker.

second medium article

Analyze Data with PySpark

I plan to teach you how to analyze a sample data set in this article. Still, first, we’ll need to set up our environment to work with PySpark.